NOTE: These air filters were originally blue. They have recently been improved by the Dynamic plant and are now a thicker WHITE material. We will continue to ship out the blue material until inventory of the blue material is extinguished and then we will begin shipping the white version.

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In 1982 Engineering Dynamics, Ltd. was started by two professors from Carlton University. They developed a simple way of replacing dirty media for residential applications and introduced a product line including 1" and 2" polarized-media electronic air cleaners, console and ceiling mount units. EDL as the innovator of polarized-media air cleaners is the design all others are based on, including Dynamic Filter Media.

In 1993 Dynamic Air Quality Solutions the manufacturer of Dynamic Air Cleaners and Dynamic Air Filters acquired EDL. Dynamic's initial focus was on residential applications but eventually recognized the growing need for improved air quality in commercial and industrial markets. This resulted in a new dedicated commercial product line and emphasis on technological innovation. Dynamic also produces a private label unit marketed under the name Pristine Air Cleaners. That brand also uses the exact same parts.


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